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Loved it!! The vibes were perfect and the music at the end made me giggle. Mouse sensitivity killed me tho

Really humorous game, I like it...
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you screamed at me in the end

and i hate the sensitivity


the sensitivity is sooooo high holy crap

wtf is that game

i love it




I found the game a bit cheesy, but would absolutely recommend!

Hahaha "cheesy".

Wow nice work 

I laughed 😂


10/10 masterpiece would play again. The only problem I have with the game is there was no sex graphic scene you could there was a lot of chemistry between the two characters but sadly I will find material on the internet.

Different style
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my brain is too small to understand the joke or meaning in this game please explain me. otherwise great game. it brought the great reaction out of me. probably the visible confusion.

my reaction:


We really enjoyed playing & discussing Afternoon Spaghetti on Indie Game Club (it’s like a book club for indie games)! 

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Gave me a giggle, great job! 🤣

I played this game on thr latest episode of my Random Funny Games series on my YouTube Channel, check it out! 

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Creative -_-


this was actually pretty entertaining haha i loved it


Your game starts at 21:39 

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Wow, thanks, Shelf, very cool


what a delightful game! absolutely perfect and hilarious!


Hey I love your game it was short and funny. I made my first ever Youtube video with it. I had fun playing it.


You had me at transimensional fridge theft ... 


very interesting :D


very funny! the art style reminded me a lot of untitled goose


one of the best games ever created. never been so moved, truly glad i found this gam


I love silly little games like this! Great work :D

does it works on 32 bits??


I was tired when I was playing but still enjoyed it a lot in its weirdness


This was certainly interesting. 

I am equal parts amused, angry, and impressed.


It's a really lovely game! It's wholesome, cute and really well made. The tiny details of the name and descriptions of the art pieces were really well done and the whole art style was super great! Loved the pun, even though it was terrible..


this is such a strange a game, lol but i like is 


Fun little game! The ending really got me big time, lol

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Nice game


I lost my shit at that ending, absolutely loved this silly project


This is legitimately my favourite game.  


So... this game was... it was something interesting for sure! I mean... it was so weird @_@


I am so angry at that pun that I sent you money


Just the right amount of existential dread to keep it charming! 

3/3 meatballs! ☺️


here is me playing the game! It was really fun and was very intresting. I liked the art style too. It would help alot if you could check out my channel and possibly subscribe! Thank you for  watching!

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