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Idk what to say about it, but I know that for some reason the whole construction of this crazy idea made me laugh at the end.  Great. It was awesome.

Just a gorgeous experience. Love the ending. And the credits music, so fitting. My only wish is that E was used for both interaction and progressing text bubbles.

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This is a really fun game!

It was a journey.  Consistently confusing in the best possible way.

I honestly had no clue what I was expecting from this game, but I loved it! 10/10 ending as well :))

(I start playing the game ~9:00 if you want to see some gameplay from it :D)

this feels like something by adult swim. very well done.

the jumpscare got me even though i knew it was coming

Que jogo incrível!!! 

Linux version did not have the action (E) on the cheese in the 'fridge' so the game is not functional enough to complete.  Played it again on a Windows machine to make sure I wasn't missing anything.  

the jumpscare ws totally unneeded

that last joke....beautiful

very interesting, very enjoyable

Very interesting game. I enjoyed it. Keep up the good work! 



Actually played this around noon :)

Very short but nice little fun game


I love this game :)

It Really Werid But Cool Short Game

Its short, but so captivating. Very very cool little game!


this has to be my new favorite game now.

yep, 10/10.


I loved this! The art style and goofyness of it was amazing! Also you got me with the jumpscare good job XD Heres my playthrough if you wanna see! 


I have no words to describe this masterpiece


this is one of the best games on




till this fookin day im confused sbout its ending 


Is it okay if I make a video playthrough on this?



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this game was perfect! i got my dad jokes like promised and honestly thats all i could ask for! also be warned for a jump scare when credits start, i jumped so hard but it just made it even funnier


i love it


Hello there (general Kenobi), I found  this game yesterday and just had to record it as it looked so unique! Was also enticed by the promise of dad jokes, so I jumped right in. 

The art style is unique and quirky, and the ending was hilarious. 

My only criticism would be to lower the volume during the credits  sequence as that gave me a jumpscare twice lol, but other than that, adorable game!


That's some good pasta!


The mouse sensitivity is way too high in this game to the point where I couldnt play it for mote then two minute


You've been selected for the first Feedback Friday! (name still pending.)  I decided to play your game and make a review on it! 

thank you for the feedback, that was a very balanced review. we're really glad you enjoyed it, and we'll put in a mouse sensitivity slider for you :)


the game was so good


oh my god that pun is amazing



I'm still laughing, wonderful game and an incredible idea

I'm still angry at that pun lol
But forreal, a funny little game, with such a bizarre tone to it that I kinda loved it lol


Loved it!! The vibes were perfect and the music at the end made me giggle. Mouse sensitivity killed me tho

Really humorous game, I like it...
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